-Where is Khaos Kennels located? 

We are located in Northeast Georgia. Approximately 90 miles Northeast of Atlanta.

-How long have you been established? 
Since 2006, Khaos Kennels originated with the Pit Bull Terrier which later evolved into the American Bullies which we bred bullies for roughly 10 years and known for worldwide in and out of the dog show world. In 2014 is when the infatuation sparked and my love for the big headed slobbery athletic bulldogges began.

-Can you provide references?
Absolutely. Please feel free to check out our HAPPY TAILS page.  We also can provide you a list of names & emails of past customers who have given us permission to share. 

-What type of dogs do you breed?
Only Olde English Bulldogges.

-What is a Olde English Bulldogge? 

The ideal Olde English Bulldogge is a loyal, courageous dog of medium size with a large powerful head and stout muscular body. Olde English Bulldogges are athletic and most importantly of very good health. The temperament is very stable and trustworthy making them a loyal companion, capable protector and the ultimate family member!  

-What is the difference between a English Bulldog and a Olde English Bulldogge?
English Bulldog are smaller in size and tend to be known for their “expensive health issues.” EB's requires Artificial Insemination's for breeding and C-sections for delivering puppies. The Olde English Bulldogge is commonly known as a healthier alternative as they do not suffer from the numerous health problems such as skin issues and breathing problems and tend to have a much longer life span. The oldes are larger in size, have more athleticism, and enjoy being outside. They also breed naturally and are free whelper's.

-How are the bulldogges with outside activities? 
The oldes were bred to be devoid of all breathing issues and are highly capable of enjoying outdoor activities without concern except in extreme heat or cold. It is important to learn & acknowledge your bulldogge and make sure he/she does not over assert themselves as their desire to please their owners is strong. It is important to make sure your bulldogges has access to air-conditioning, shade and fresh water where summer temperatures rise above 80 degrees. 

-Should I get a male or female?
This is purely a personal preference. Each has a fan club to sing the praises of that gender’s affection, intelligence and trainability. 

-Are bulldogges easy to train? 
Bulldogges are very intelligent but also stubborn. At Khaos Kennels we believe dog intelligence, like human intelligence comes in various forms. Any breed can be nurtured by owners willing to put in the time and effort, there are fixed realities when it comes to your animals inherent qualities.  You have to find a breed that best suits your lifestyle and focus on bringing out the best in your dog. The key is knowing what your pooch is built for and how to motivate him.

-Do the bulldogges make a good family pet?
ABSOLUTELY! Bulldogges are very gentle, loving and dependable dogs. They make wonderful family pets as they are a very people oriented breed and actively solicit human attention.  All of our dogs and puppies here at Khaos Kennels are raised solely indoors with my family, they are well socialized and raised with my 9 year old son, all of our other pets including the other dogs, the boss cat Miss Kitty, rabbit BUGS & our 2 ducks Pickle & Quacker Jacks. Once you’ve had a Olde English Bulldogge, your home will not be complete without one!

-What is the average lifespan for these bulldogges?
Olde English Bulldogges are primarily healthy dogs and live on average 12-14 years.

-What if I live in an apartment? 
Bulldogges make fine apartment pets and do not require a yard if they have routine and proper exercise. 

-Do they shed?
Bulldogges are moderate shedders and their short coats require very little grooming. 

-Are your puppies expensive?
Well that's simple… YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR & QUALITY IS PRICELESS. All of our dogs/puppies come from the absolute best stock the Olde English Bulldogge world has to offer. From our multi Champion & Grand Champion titled show dogs, our top ranked dogs in the country, to the biggest known pedigree names around the world. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our Superior Quality Olde English Bulldogge Puppies. We understand our puppies may not be in budget for everyone therefore we offer several different registration options and payment plans if needed when purchasing a puppy from us. 

-Full Registration vs. Limited Registration:
The difference between the two types of Registration is whether or not the dog is eligible to be used for breeding and showing in conformation events. There is also a purchase price difference for the puppy, Full Registration price is higher then Limited Registration. The puppy will come w/ paperwork either way just one box will be marked accordingly. 

Full Registration: is when the puppy is purchased for conformation shows and/or as breeding stock. 

Limited Registration: is when the puppy is purchased if you don't intend to show in conformation events or breed your dog.  Dogs can be shown in any event except for  conformation. Or purchased for Simply a "PET" and there will be a Neuter/Spay Agreement in our contract. 


-How do I move forward with purchasing a puppy and placing a deposit?
If you haven’t already done so please fill out our online puppy application, you should receive a reply email within 72 hours containing information regarding what we currently have available or what will be available in the near future. Once we have discussed details of a puppy that you’re interested in, we will email you over a full puppy contract at that time your signature and a  $750 initial deposit will be required. Also feel free to contact us by phone at (678) 497-5908. 

-Is my deposit refundable?
No, deposits are nonrefundable and will go directly towards the full purchase price of the puppy. If buyer decides, for whatever reason, that they do not want or cannot take the puppy, buyer forfeits deposit. If certain underlining personal circumstances arise in the buyers life not allowing them to complete the purchase at this time and proper notification is given, Khaos Kennels will offer the option that the buyer can forward deposit and/or all monies paid toward the purchase price of the puppy to another puppy in future litter of the same value. 

-What form of payments do you accept? 

-Do you offer payment plans? 
Yes we offer payment plans if needed but understand NO puppy will leave Khaos Kennels possession until paid in full. We will give you time to pay for your new puppy, we offer payment arrangements on future litters and allow payments to me made prior to the puppies being whelped. We also offer 12 week payment plans from the time the puppy is born. The Deposit amount must be paid in FULL prior to the payment arrangements. We will not be able to extend payments out past the puppy reaching 12 weeks of age. 

-What are your puppies registered with? 
Olde English Bulldogge puppies come DUAL Registered with I.O.E.B.A (International Olde English Bulldogge Association) & A.B.K.C. (American Bully Kennel Club).

-What will my new puppy come with?

  • Veterinary Health Exam
  • Full Contract & Health Guarantee
  • Current on Vaccinations (age appropriate)
  • Regular Dewormings 
  • Fecal Exam
  • Microchipped
  • 30 days FREE Trupanion Health Insurance with no additional commitments or fees. 
  • Starter Flea/Tick & Heartworm Prevention. 
  • Dual Registration Paperwork with IOEBA & ABKC
  • Going home Puppy Kit - will include all medical records in a organized folder,  starter puppy food, supplies and helpful information about your new puppies care to get you off to a great start! 
  • Lifetime Support from breeder. 

Airline Approved Crate *(if flying via Petsafe or internationally) 

-Will my new puppy come with vaccines? records?
Yes, all puppies are vaccinated routinely with Neo-par (parvovirus vaccine) as well as Solo-Jec 5-1 vaccine (Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2 - Parainfluenza- Parvovirus Vaccine). Depending on your puppies age when he/she leaves it will also be vaccinated with Solo-Jec KC aka: Bordetella (Canine Parainfluenza and Bordetella Bronchiseptica). They will have at minimum of 2 full sets of vaccines before leaving for their FURever home. Puppies traveling Internationally are subject to change due to select country's vaccine requirements. Our puppies are also wormed regularly at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. All medical/vaccine records with appropriate dates will come with your puppy. 

-Do you ship your puppies?  Overseas?
Yes, we have puppies all over the United States, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands and as far as Bahrain a country in the middle east. We ship our puppies worldwide! Shipping a Bulldogge puppy is weather permitting and can sometimes be difficult due to the airline “breed restrictions”. There are heat restrictions and weight restrictions on the stubbed nose breeds. We have several options when it comes to shipping our puppies and usually can always accommodate your needs.

-What are the shipping methods you use? 
Domestic Shipping within the United States:​
Flight Nanny:​ Your new puppy will fly in cabin with our trusted team of Flight Nannies and be hand delivered to you & your family. (age & weight may effect availability)  

Direct Ground Shipping: Your new puppy will be picked up by a highly trusted team of ground shipping experts and delivered directly to your door! 

International Shipping: Rates vary from Country to Country, We work very closely with PAC ATLANTA and can assist with all international travel. We can help with global specific regulations and vaccine requirements that your pet must adhere to. 

To receive a personalized quote for your new pets travel please email us directly at

When you purchase a puppy from Khaos Kennels you will have lifetime breeder support! We will always go above & beyond to stay connected with you & your new puppy. We are always happy to share our knowledge with you and will ensure you are completely satisfied with your puppy.